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Thursday, 25 February 2010

Valencia of Argentina: international fantasy or genuine criminal paradox?

Angie Sanselmente Valencia, former lingerie model and Colombia's 'Queen of Coffee', has been dubbed a key figure in the traditional drugs-trafficking industry of South America. An international arrest warrant was issued in her name after details emerged of her involvement in the illegal drugs industry.

Valencia, as she is known, was reputed to have dated a notorious Mexican drug baron known colloquially as "The Monster". Details released presume that relationship to be discontinued as of last year when, it has been speculated, she decided to disassociate herself with her partner and contend with his illegal empire in a business venture of her own.

A glamorous woman known for her seductive physique and media allure, Valencia could be a character disguising a little more than just a mentality for mischief beneath her cosmetics. Following the detainment of a potential drug smuggler last year at an airport in Buenos Aires, it was revealed that she could be the ringleader of an Argentinian-based drug syndicate.

This information was extracted from a young female model, caught with a reported 55kg of cocaine, who like other similar women connected to Valencia's alleged syndicate can be referred to as one of the "unsuspicious, beautiful angels".

These angels are employed, perhaps bribed, to smuggle the packages of drugs from Argentina to the Mexican-Caribbean resort of Cancun, wherein they are prepared for a secondary leg to Europe. Other trafficking routes aren't yet known to the media.

Valencia has since been urged by the circumstances to keep her whereabouts tightly undisclosed; no doubt anonymity wherever she travels is vital to her inconspicuous evasion. South America has gained a worldwide notoriety for being a haven for drug production - a bitter-sweet revelation some would say.

This latest blip on the drug celebrity radar is certainly appealing, especially to those outside of the circle of snow. The notion of a beautiful young Latino woman espousing the perilous lifestyle of a criminal 'kingpin' is far too tempting to deny. No doubt such a gender phenomenon draws the virile attention of men who affix danger to their sexuality.

I myself can't defy the gravity of my senses to this seemingly fabricated story of crime, complicity and erotically-charged escapades in an exotic country - guess what I'll be envisioning in my dreams tonight. Welcome to Valencia's all-you-can-snort tours of South America featuring Himalayas of cocaine, real drug raids on real drug warehouses and your very own chance to spend the night in one of Buenos Aires's finest overnight cells with none other than Miss Valencia herself - VIVA VALENCIA!

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